15 Easy Awesome Christmas Food

Christmas Food

Everyone is excited because the Christmas season is coming. Why not try something new holiday food ideas that will amaze your family and friends? Here is my compilation of Christmas food you can try.

Christmas Tree Cupcakes – Check recipe from annabelkarmel
Fruit Christmas Tree – Check recipe from iowagirl
Snowman Egg – Check recipe from homedecoratingideas
Banana Santas – From itswrittenonthewalls
Hot Dog Boots – From womendailymagazine
Christmas Tree Vegetable Platter – Recipe from Clean and Sensitive
Gunther The Reindeer – Recipe from Little Nummies
Rudolph Pancakes – Check recipe from Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons
Christmas Tree Cupcakes – Check recipe from Manu’s Menu
Apple Candy Cane – Recipe from Love Well Live Well
Gingerbread Tree Cookies – Get recipe from Eat the Love
Christmas Tree Snack – Recipe from 360FamilyNutrition
Candy Christmas Lights – Get recipe from Hungry Happenings
Fruit Platter Christmas Tree – Check recipe here
Santa Cupcakes – Check the recipe here
Santa Suit Candy Cups – Get recipe here